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Kollam-Kottarakkara Diocese

The Kollam-Kottarakara Diocese is one of the twenty-four dioceses of the Church of South India. It comprises of parishes in Attingal, Vembayam, Chenkulam, Kollam, Kundara, Kottarakkara, Manjakkala, Punalur and Ayiranelloor regions, which span along the Thiruvanthapuram, Kollam and Pathanamthitta districts. The diocese was formed on 9 April 2015, at a special synod held in Chennai. The parishes of this budding diocese were formerly part of the Northern Area of the South Kerala Diocese. The vision, prayer and tireless toil of the people in this region resulted in bifurcation of it’s mother diocese and formation of a new one which was a long-cherished dream for over three decades.

An Overview

Geographically, this diocese lies between the two dioceses of South Kerala and Madhya Kerala. It spans between Mangalapuram, near Attingal on the South and Ayiranelloore, near Punalur on the North. At present, the diocese consists of 60 parishes spread across 12 Church Districts, divided into four areas.

Area District
Attingal Attingal
Kollam Kollam
Kottarakara Manjakkala
Punalur Punalur

The Quilon Mission

The spiritual nourishment and social uplifment of the people in this region is mainly because of the work done by the missionaries of the London Missionary Society (L.M.S). The London Missionary Society, now the Council for World Mission, commenced its work in South Travancore in 1806. The LMS set its boundaries of work in the areas of Southern Travancore, between Karamanayaar on the South and Kalladayaar in the North, while the Ceylon MIssionary Society(CMS) was based in the Central parts of Kerala and Bassel Mission on the Northern parts. William Tobias Ringeltauble was the first LMS Missionary to come to Travancore, in 1806. The South India United Church (S.I.U.C) was formed on 25th July 1907 with nine-member church denominations of which the South Travancore L.M.S Church was one. The South Travancore Church Council was constituted in 1921 with the Tamil and Malayalam churches put together. The Church of South India (C.S.I) was inaugurated on 27-09-1947 and the member churches adopted episcopacy as part of the church order. The South Travancore Diocese was bifurcated into the Kanyakumari Diocese and the South Kerala Diocese in 1959. Later, the South Kerala Diocese was bifurcated on 9 April 2015 and this new diocese was formed.

In Quilon the LMS started its work in 1821 by Rev. John Smith, missionary. In 1826 the first protestant place of worship in Quilon was established by Rev. William Crowe, the second missionary and worship begun. In 1832 the first mission station was abandoned on health reasons and a new mission station, the present one, established. The mission got a boost after the arrival of the 23- year old missionary J. C. Thompson in 1827. He continued his work in Quilon for 23 years, until his death in 1950, at a prime age of 46. He, along with his wife, Mrs Thompson was keen in starting school and boarding and thus uplifting the deprived. By that time 8 schools and a seminary were established. A printing press in 1835 and a girls-boarding home in 1847 was established. After his death, no missionary was stationed at Kollam for some time. However, John Cox attended to the immediate needs of Quilon, from Trivandrum. Rev. and Mrs. Wilkinson carried on the work from 1866 to 1877, after which from 1877 to 1881, Rev. Samuel Mateer was the Missionary of Quilon. Perhaps the greatest contribution of Quilon mission was the extension of Protestant Christianity to the parts of the present diocese. This resulted in substantial social transformation. The presence of missionaries like Rev. Knoles and John Cox provided strength to the poor people in Kottarakara and Kalayapuram areas, where the people were treated as low caste, kept in abject poverty and treated as slaves. The work of missionaries based at Quilon has created a new social consciousness. New chapels were built for the downtrodden and people were encouraged to walk on public roads. Rev. W. J Edmonds came to Quilon in 1899. From 1906, Rev. Edmonds was ably assisted by Rev.Isaac David, Assistant Missionary. By the leadership given by Rev Edmonds, a large revival took place between 1914 and 1919. This increased the number of Christians as well as Schools. Apart from missionary work, he paid much attention to the movement towards christainity among the Dalits in different places in the District. He championed the cause of the Dalits. At Quilon, the Craven High School is an ornament to his committed ministry. Between 1850 and 1890, there was substantial growth in Christianity in this area, was the highest in national average. However, the presence of other mission societies and some rigid decisions by the government to prevent conversion, forced some of the people to opt out of LMS churches. Meanwhile, the London Missionary hospital, now known as the LMS Boys Brigade Hospital was started at Kundara in 1910, under the auspices of medical mission based at Neyyoor. This along with many other schools and places of worship proved fruitful in establishing Quilon as one of the prominent places of social reforms and uplifment of the deprived. The Kollam Kottarakara Diocese members bow down our heads in respect of the great heroes of the mission.

Mission Work

Chattisgarh Mission
In accordance to the Great Commission of our Lord, The Kollam-Kottarakara Diocese decided to adopt a mission field under the Jubilee Mission of the South Kerala Diocese at Pattewa in Chattisgarh State. This mission field started by the South Kerala Diocese was supported mainly by the CSI Christ Church from 1st of April 2007.

The headquarters of the mission is based at Pattewa, a small town along the Chattisgarh-Odisha Highway. This one acre fifty cents of land was donated by some family members of the CSI Christ Church, Kollam. The work is headed by Bro. Justin and Rev. Thomas Cheriyan who along with their families are doing commandable work in this tribal state. The other missionaries include three more Malayali families and twelve local missionaries. The mission field is spread accross Pattewa, Khatta, Pyaridadar and Bernavapara and Damdari in Mahasamud district. A hostel building was constructed at Patteva Mission Compound, which is now used as the Patteva Jubilee Mission School building. Nearly 200 students from nearby areas attend the school and carry along with them good discipline, good habits and the seeds of salvation back home. Apart from the school, a Prayer Hall, a Prayer Tower and missionary quarters are situated in this campus.

At a nearby village of Khatta, the mission runs a Nursery School for the children in the village. The local panchayat, in recognition of the services of the missionaries, donated 20 cents of land to the mission for constructing a school building in it. The school building was put up on this land expending about one lakh rupees donated by the church members. The school is christened ‘CSI Christ Church Centenary Commemorative School’. It was opened in 2009. A local missionary family resides there and after school hours, does house visits and conducts small prayer groups in the village huts.

Another mission station is located at Bernavapara, a wild life reserve, located almost twelve kilometres from the nearest town. Being a wild life reserve, the villages are not electrified, and mobile towers are still a distant dream. The work that our dedicated missionaries do in these difficult circumstances are beyond mention. A nursery school was established at Bernavapara in 2007 itself, which has now grown till Std.VII, where almost 150 children attend classes. All children who attend school are given noon meals, which apparently happens to be the only meal of their day for most of the students. This project too is supported by the Church. House visits and prayer meetings are a daily routine for our missionaries, after the school hours.

In 2008 the church purchased 15 cents of land at Pyaridadar and a church building was put up there in 2009 by a family of the church. The church is christened ‘Rev.J.C. Thompson Memorial Church’ in commemoration of the missionary who planted this church in 1837. More than 50 believers regularly attend the Sunday service. A local missionary family is based there who apart from conducting the Sunday service, visit houses and proclaim the word of God.

The needs of the mission field are many and pressing. The mission head-quarters at Pattewa needs to have a church, a clinic, more missionary quarters etc. The mission fields situated in forest areas are socially, economically, educationally and culturally backward. These areas are neglected by the governments and panchayats. Though the missionaries face great difficulties, personal problems and opposition from evil forces, they share the lifegiving gospel with the people. As a result of the work of the missionaries, several families have tasted the love of Christ and they have known the living God. Regular Sunday worship and prayer meetings are being held. God will nurture the mission and raise reapers for the harvest. Stepping on to the mission field in Chattisgarh was a small step for our first missionary, but a giant leap for this Diocese.

Rev. Dr. Oommen George


Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Oommen George, former Clergy Secretary of CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese was selected as the first bishop of Kollam- Kottarakkara Diocese. A noted speaker at religious conventions, he was selected by a Synod presided over by CSI Moderator Bishop Most Rev. Thomas K. Oommen at the Synod headquarters of CSI in Chennai.

The consecration service was conducted at CSI Christ Church Cathedral, Kollam on Sunday, the 10th of September 2017 under the chief patronage of the Moderator Most Rev. Thomas K. Oommen. Kannanthanam, Maramon. His Punnakkad Malayil family together with his mother Rachael’s Mallappally Panavelil family has a big list of Ministerial donors who had served and is serving in the Madhya Kerala Diocese to their credits. His father Late Mr. K.C. George was a catechist. He received his primary educations from Kottanadu & Idinjillam Govt schools, S.C.S Thiruvalla and M.G.M Pampady. He did his Pre-degree at the C.M.S College, Kottayam and B.A in Mysore University. In-between he procured a Diploma in Eng from HIET Chennnai. He did his B.TH and B.D. studies at the K.U.T. Seminary, Kannammoola. He got his D. Min from McComic Theological Seminary, Chicago. From his younger years he proved that he is a born leader. From age 21 he is a member of the Executive Committee in Madhya Kerala Diocese. Maybe it was this enthusiasm that attracted and interested Bishop M.C. Mani to send him to the Summer school of Evangelism in S.I.B.S at Bangarapetta in Andhra Pradesh, where he recognized his 'calling'.

Maybe it was that God was moulding him carefully that he had many Bishops surrounding him all the time. Bp. Jacob baptized him, Bp. John confirmed his faith, Bp. Mani ordained him, Bp. Joseph solemnized his marriage, Bp. Samuel guided the studies, Bp Sam Mathew remains a great patron and Moderator Bp Oommen a close colleague. Br. Dr. Dinakaran was another influence. His is married to Aleyamma Oommen (Kochumol), who is from Memadathil Karackal (Mammood Kochuparabil) family. They have three daughters Diana, Lida and Leena. Mr. Sibychen is his son-in-law and is blessed with grand-daughter Hannah. His sister Kunjumol is married to Bp. T.C. Cherian of the St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India and the other kin Rev. Jacob George Vicar, St. Peter’s C.S.I Church, Houston.

He has held several key posts in the past years as Parkal Mission Convener, Cherthala Mission Convener, Asst. Mission Director and Mission Board Secretary. As a member of the Synod, he serves in the Synod Mission and Evangelism Committee. In Madhya Kerala Diocese, he served as the Pastoral Board Secretary and Vice President of the Almaya Fellowship, executive committee member, Vice-President of CSI North American Council and convener of Shalom Residence Project. He was the Chairman of the Bi-Centenary Celebrations of the Madhya Kerala Diocese and convener of the Synod session held at Kottayam in 2017.

His manifesto is - ‘Spread the Gospel & Help the poor’. To accomplish this vision, his first dream in the new diocese is to set up three retreat centres, each at Kollam, Kottarakara and Punalur. This will envisage the nourishmnet and spread of Gospel to the people of the land. His motto is to cater to the needs of the poor, regardless of caste, creed or colour. He proclaims that the Church should stand for and be the voice of the the deprived and the marginalised. No doubt that the new diocese is safe in his hands as our Thirumeni has submiited himself to His Holy Hands and silently chants: "He must become greater; I must become less"

The Cathedral

The CSI Christ Church, Kollam was adopted as the Cathedral of the Diocese and was hence renamed as CSI Christ Church Cathedral. It is situated in the heart of the Kollam town, besides the Kollam-Shenkottah highway. This church was planted on Sunday 3rd September 1837 by Rev. J. C. Thompson, the 3rd missionary of the London Missionary Society in Quilon. The church building was dedicated and opened for worship on Sunday 13th September 1910. As a memorial to the missionaries who laboured in Quilon district, the church was built mainly through the efforts of Rev. W. J. Edmonds, missionary. The church edifice is a landmark monument to the Diocese. CSI Christ Church, one of the oldest and historically remarkable parishes in Kollam, has grown into a full-fledged parish with 330 families witnessing the Lord in manifold ways as part of its mission and striving to grow into a missionary church. The parish completed 180 years in 2017.


• LMS Boys Brigade Hospital, Kundara
• CSI School of Nursing for GNM, Kundara
• ANM Training School, Kundara
• CSI Mission Hospital, Kalayapuram
• CSI Mission Hospital, Attingal
• CSI Palliative Care Centre, Attingal
• CSI Shelter Home, Attingal
• CSI Balikamandiram, Attingal
• CSI Balikamandiram, Kollam
• CSI Balabhavan, Kollam
• CSI Women’s Hostel, Attingal
• Edmond’s Hostel for Men, Kollam
• CSI Bible School, Attingal
• CSI Training Centre for Teachers,Valakom
• CSI Convention Centre, Kollam
• CSI Shopping Complex, Kollam
• CSI Shopping Complex, Kundara
• CSI Shopping Complex, Attingal


• Sr.Elizebath Joel CSI EM HSS, Attingal
• Craven LMS High School, Kollam
• LMS LP School, Attingal
• LMS LP School, Cantonment, Kollam
• LMS LP School, Karamcode
• LMS LP School, Chenkulam
• LMS LP School, Chittumala
• LMS LP School, Kalayapuram
• LMS LP School, Kilikolloor
• LMS LP School, Kureepally
• LMS LP School, Mannoor
• LMS LP School, Maranadu
• LMS LP School, Mayyanadu
• LMS LP School, Nellikunnam
• LMS LP School, Odanavattom
• LMS LP School,Pattathanam
• LMS LP School, Perinad
• LMS LP School, Vakkom
• LMS LP School, Varkala
• LMS LP School, Vayackal
• LMS LP School, Vilangara
• LMS LP School, Villoor

Special Schools

• Light to the Blind School, Varkala
• CSI VHS for the Deaf, Valakom
• CSI HSS for the Deaf, Valakom

Members of the Synod

• Rev. Dr. Bhanu Samuel
• Mr. Varkey Jacob
• Er. P. D. Benedict Raja
• Rev. Rajesh Charles
• Dr. Elizebath John Zachariah
• Mr. Nibu Jacob Varkey
• Mr. Sam G. John

Boards & Committees

Board Manager/Secretary/Convener
Pastoral Board Rev. David Habel
Properties Board Mr. Y. Joseph
Board for Mission Mr. K. J. Thomas
Charitable Society Mr. Rajan Samuel
Medical Mission Dr. Elizebath John Zachariah
Hostel Board Mr. Thomas Samuel
Shopping Complex Mr. Prasad Samuel
Sahithya Samithi Mr. Vincent
Audit Board Mr. Oommen Jacob (Convener)
Women’s Fellowship Ms. Minitha Thampan
Christian Youth Movement Mr. Jose B
Board for Human Resource Development Rev. Rajesh J Charles
Mr. Justin George (Corporate Manager)
Arts & Music Evt. Devadanam James
Dalit Desk Mr. Lalji
Children’s Ministry Rev. Isaac Paul Singh
Sunday School Rev. Sabu P. Roy
Socio Political Board Rev. S. Seelas
Site,Plan& Building Mr. Stanly John
Employment career guidance Rev. E. D. Rojers
Finance committee Er. P. D. Benedict Raja

Diocesan Officers

Rev. Franklin

Clergy Secretary

Mr. Varkey Jacob


Er. P. D. Benedict Raja


Mr. Justin George


News & Events

  • Varkkala LMS LP School Gets New Building
  • Varkkala LMS LP School Gets New Building
  • Varkkala LMS LP School Gets New Building
  • Varkkala LMS LP School Gets New Building
  • Varkkala LMS LP School Gets New Building
  • Varkkala LMS LP School Gets New Building
  • Varkkala LMS LP School Gets New Building

Varkkala LMS LP School Gets New Building

Varkkala LMS LP School under the management of the Kollam Kottarakkara Diocese of the Church of South India gets a new building.

The building has been inaugurated by Rt. Rev. Oommen George, the Bishop of the Diocese. The officers of the Diocese and local leaders attended the inaugural service. 

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  • Construction of the parsonage at the Odanavattom Church Commenced
  • Construction of the parsonage at the Odanavattom Church Commenced
  • Construction of the parsonage at the Odanavattom Church Commenced

Construction of the parsonage at the Odanavattom Church Commenced

Rt. Rev. Dr. Oommen George laid the foundation stone for the parsonage of the Odanavattom CSI Church under the Kollam Kottarakkara Diocese on 9th June 2019. 

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  • Youth Mission Festival Celebrated at Kollam
  • Youth Mission Festival Celebrated at Kollam
  • Youth Mission Festival Celebrated at Kollam
  • Youth Mission Festival Celebrated at Kollam
  • Youth Mission Festival Celebrated at Kollam
  • Youth Mission Festival Celebrated at Kollam
  • Youth Mission Festival Celebrated at Kollam

Youth Mission Festival Celebrated at Kollam

The Diocesan Level Youth Mission Festival of the Kollam Kottarakkara Diocese of the Church of South India (CSI) was held at the CSI Christ Church in Kollam on the 20th May 2019. Rt. Rev. Dr Ooommen George; the Bishop in Kollam Kottarakkara, Prof. Dr M. T. Cheriyan, and Dr Angel Raj led the classes in the mission festival. 

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By the immense grace of God, the Second Diocesan Convention 2019 was held on 17th to 24th February, 2019. It was a multi-lingual and multi-denominational convention which was inaugurated by the General Secretary CSI & Hon. Secretary CSITA, Rev. Dr. D. Rathnakara Sadananda and was graced by H.G. Zachariah Mar Anthonios Metropolitan - Malankara Orthodox Church, Kollam Diocese.


Our Guest Speakers were Rt. Rev. Dr. Euyakim Mar Coorilos Episcopa - Kottarakkara- Punalur Diocese, Marthoma Church, Rev. Nelson Chacko – C.S.I. Madhya Kerala Diocese, Dr. Jayasingh – D.S. Group, Chennai, Rt. Rev. Dr. K. Reuben Mark - Bishop, C.S.I.,  Karimnagar Diocese, Bro. George Koshy – Bangalore.


Different activities and Spiritual enlightenment programmes were also organized every morning during these days.

  1. Youth Mission Fest was headed by Rev. Thomas Cheriyan (Chattisgarh Mission)
  2. Pastors, Catechists, Missionaries and Women Workers Spiritual meet by Prof. Dr. M. T. Cheriyan
  3. Women’s Fellowship Anniversary meet by Mrs. Aleyamma Oommen Chandy
  4. Athmaya Fellowship by Rev. Justin Jose, C.S.I. S.K.D.
  5. Children’s Ministry by CEF Director – Mr. Reji Thomas Chacko, Rev. A.R. Susheel and Magic Achan, Rev. Dr. Saju Mathew
  6. Public Meeting by Minister – Mrs. Mercykutty Amma, M.P. – Mr. N. K. Premachandran, M.L.A – Mr. M. Noushad and Mayor – Mr. V. Rajendrababu

The Diocesan choir graced our convention with its blessed songs elevating our soul and spirit to a heavenly experience.

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  • New Anglican Communion Bishops, including Rt. Rev. Dr. Oommen George, receive induction in Canterbury
  • New Anglican Communion Bishops, including Rt. Rev. Dr. Oommen George, receive induction in Canterbury

New Anglican Communion Bishops, including Rt. Rev. Dr. Oommen George, receive induction in Canterbury

Archbishop Justin Welby will today welcome 29 new Anglican bishops from around the world to his official residence Lambeth Palace.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Oommen George, the Bishop in Kollam- Kottarakkara Diocese of the Church of South India (CSI), is also invited.

The Bishops took part in an annual 10-day course run by Canterbury Cathedral – the Mother Church of the Anglican Communion – to teach them about the role of a bishop and the Anglican Communion. This year’s cohort comes from Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Japan, Kenya, Madagascar, Melanesia, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Philippines, Scotland, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, the US, and Zimbabwe.

The annual event, affectionately nicknamed “the baby bishops course” by those who have taken part in previous years, includes a programme of talks, presentations and workshops and a chance to build networks and relationships with other new bishops across cultural and geographical divides.


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